Sue Scott Gallery


Tom McGrath Paintings 2002-2007 Robert Hobbs, Kevin Zucker Tom McGrath 2007

Suzanne McClelland: Rock and Shift Carol Kino, Barry Schwabsky Suzanne McClelland 2008

Tom McGrath Dana Schutz, Richard Milazzo Tom McGrath 2007

Hardcover, 56pp., color. Published on occasion of the exhibition Tom McGrath at Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery, Knokke, Belgium, 3 August - 9 September, 2007.

Tom McGrath: Scenic Route Obstructed Sue Scott Tom McGrath 2006

Paola Ferrario: Imprevisti/Unforeseen Jean Dykstra Paola Ferrario 2009

Elisabeth Subrin: Her Compulsion to Repeat Ed Halter Elisabeth Subrin 2010

Kristopher Benedict: Remake Tom McGrath, Dushko Petrovitch Kristopher Benedict 2011

Malcolm Morley: Another Way to Make an Image, Monotypes Nancy Princenthal Malcolm Morley 2012