Sue Scott Gallery


Tom McGrath Paintings 2002-2007 Robert Hobbs, Kevin Zucker Tom McGrath 2007

Suzanne McClelland: Rock and Shift Carol Kino, Barry Schwabsky Suzanne McClelland 2008

Tom McGrath Dana Schutz, Richard Milazzo Tom McGrath 2007

Tom McGrath: Scenic Route Obstructed Sue Scott Tom McGrath 2006

Tom McGrath: Scenic Route Obstructed, Monotypes 2005-2006. Softcover, 64pp., color.

Paola Ferrario: Imprevisti/Unforeseen Jean Dykstra Paola Ferrario 2009

Elisabeth Subrin: Her Compulsion to Repeat Ed Halter Elisabeth Subrin 2010

Kristopher Benedict: Remake Tom McGrath, Dushko Petrovitch Kristopher Benedict 2011

Malcolm Morley: Another Way to Make an Image, Monotypes Nancy Princenthal Malcolm Morley 2012