Sue Scott Gallery

Friends of Elizabeth Murray Art Auction

25 April 2009, 6:00–8:00 PM, Sue Scott Gallery

The Murray-Holman Family, Sue Scott and Kristi Zea are pleased to announce Friends of Elizabeth Murray Art Auction to benefit the documentary feature Everybody Knows... Elizabeth Murray. From former studio assistants, to students, to those artists who she considered to be her core group of friends, this silent auction reveals the vast network of people that Elizabeth Murray touched through her life and work. Since 2005, the year of Murray’s MoMA Retrospective and unfortunate diagnosis with cancer, longtime friend Kristi Zea has been gathering archival footage, moments of the artist at work, as well as exclusive interviews with art world luminaries such as Arne Glimcher, Agnes Gund and Glenn Lowry. Robert Storr, the curator of her MoMA retrospective, contends: “It’s time we think of [Murray] as a central painter, a crucial painter.”  Everybody Knows… Elizabeth Murray will explore how, from MoMA to the Met, Murray’s fractured canvases are monuments to a dynamic female presence in the contemporary art world.

All proceeds of Friends of Elizabeth Murray Art Auction will go towards the completion of filming and post-production costs for Everybody Knows… Elizabeth Murray, due to be released in 2010.  A clip of the film will be shown at the auction.

The auction will be held April 25th from 6 - 9 pm The works will be available for preview April 24 - 25, from 11- 6 pm.

Special thanks to Minagawa Art Lines and City Frames for donating frames and to Sue Scott for the donation of her gallery.

Artists who have generously donated works include:
Karen Bell, Cynthia Carlson, Vija Celmins, Chuck Close, Jessica Craig-Martin, Steve De Frank, Hermine Ford, Joanne Greenbaum, Jan Hashey, Mary Heilmann, Hannah Heinrich, Judy Hudson, Bill Jensen, Suzanne McClelland, Bob Moskowitz, Ann Murphy, John Newman, Ellen Phelan, Ken Regan, Jane Rosenblum, Theo Rosenblum, Chelsea Seltzer, Richard Serra, Joel Shapiro, Jenny Snider, Judy Stevens, Jeff Way, Jessica Weiss, Rob Wynne, Elyn Zimmerman, Barbara Zucker... and more.