Sue Scott Gallery

See Pat Steir’s Bright and Drippy New Mural Outside Sue Scott Gallery

Benjamin Sutton
ARTINFO, May 2012

On Friday, despite high winds, Newark-born Amsterdam- and New York-based artist Pat Steir was on a ladder outside Sue Scott Gallery on Rivington Street, painting one of her trademark multi-layered drip paintings on the wall next to the gallery’s entrance. By Saturday afternoon, when ARTINFO passed by, the stunning outdoor Ab Ex mural was finished.

The painting, which features four sets of horizontal stripes in overlapping colors about eight or nine feet off the ground that drip and run dramatically down the wall and onto the sidewalk, evokes a Skittles-like rainstorm of color, or perhaps — as the weather warms — images of surfaces sweating and melting in the heat.

Given how hyper-territorial New York’s street artists are — particularly with the walls along this block of Rivington — it will be interesting to see how Steir’s mural meshes with ensuing layers of graffiti and posters.

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