Sue Scott Gallery

LES Shows Not to Miss During Armory Week

Modern Painters Daily, March 2012

We know you’re busy this week between all the fairs, open bars, satellite fairs, and satellite-to-the-satellite fairs. But don’t neglect these four Lower East Side shows:

Sam Moyer @ Rachel Uffner Gallery, 47 Orchard Street: Beautiful abstract works (pictured above) made using fabric, ink, and bleach. “I definitely want it to be gritty,” she told us in this month’s issue of Modern Painters, “and I want to make gritty sublime.”

Brody Condon @ On Stellar Rays, 133 Orchard Street: Video works that “exact a compelling investigation into a web of mid-20th century ideologies: the theorization of humans as bio-machines via Cybernetics, Minimalism’s engagement with the body as social space, and experimental theater’s recursive dialogue with group psychotherapy,” according to the gallery. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around the footage we saw on opening night, but it was intriguing enough to make us want to go back for more.

Henry Taylor @ UNTITLED, 30 Orchard Street: Mounds of dirt everywhere! Cryptic messages scrawled on the walls! “Paintings” made of wood, black spraypaint, and bottles! A shack littered with television screens! If you thought you had a handle on Taylor from his exhibition at P.S.1, this anarchic installation will confound you all over again.

Franklin Evans @ Sue Scott, 1 Rivington Street: A pleasurably chaotic mix of abstract acrylics, sculptural works, prints, and photos, which colonize the walls and floor alike.

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