Sue Scott Gallery

Goings on About Town: Art

Vince Aletti
The New Yorker, December 2009


Like so many contemporary photographers, Ferrario sees the world glancingly and in fragments. The unframed color pictures here focus solely on bits of environments: graffiti, torn posters, cartoon stickers, a plastic bag wedged in the crack between concrete blocks. Taken out of context, these scraps are not always recognizable, and when Ferrario combines them in diptychs, triptychs, and other arrangements they can look almost painterly and abstract. Although too many of the photographs feel not just ephemeral but negligible, the over-all effect is, quite unexpectedly, charming. And the casual, tacked-to-the-wall presentation is just right. Through Jan. 10. (Scott, 1 Rivington St. 212-358-8767.)