Sue Scott Gallery

Reviews - New York

Amanda Church
Flash Art, November 2009

Franklin Evans's trippy meditation on the multiple layers of time and space, exemplified by the exhibition title "2008/2009 < 2009/2010," takes the form of a sprawling installation covering most of the gallery's two rooms, including sections of floor, ceiling, stairs and railings. Initially conceived as a work in progress in the artist's studio, the piece incorporates throwaway materials such as scraps of tape, wood, and bubble wrap in conjunction with paper, canvas and paint to create a sense of perpetual evolution; in contrast to a painting or drawing's push toward resolution, the emphasis here is on process and movement. Shifting vantage points, created for example by lookbackstage (2009), an angled wall of hanging strips of colored tape, allow us a different perspective on the complex relationships among this installation's myriad minute details.

Throughout the psychedelic overflow of Evans's enterprise, questions are posed and, in place of answers, infinite possibilities are revealed. Spills and stains represent a sort of fluidity as well as allude to a residue of times past. As various elements fade, erode, or are erased, intimations of mortality arise. The lone tree that reappears throughout the show seems to indicate a thwarted narrative within a rollicking, psychedelicized landscape, as well as a stand-in for the isolation of a solitary figure.