Sue Scott Gallery

Best in Show

R.C. Baker
Village Voice, April 2007

This eight-foot-square model features a Spinal Tap–esque backdrop proclaiming "ROCK IRAQ." The stage wings are emblazoned with scores of corporate logos (including that of this newspaper, smack above the Shell Oil emblem); the tiny drums, sound monitors, and guitars are detailed right down to the jacks on the effects pedals. There are no musicians, only their leavings: butt-filled ashtrays, crumpled beer cans, half-eaten catered food. Backstage, racks of flamboyant costumes are arrayed near Barbie-size Porta-potties, while an audio loop blares soundchecks instead of music, musicians thanking the audience, and an encore-craving crowd roaring "More!" It's Live Aid for Iraq, dude—coming soon to an arena near you. Pierogi, 177 North 9th Street, Brooklyn, 718-599-2144. Through April 16.