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Phtotography by Phelan M. Ebenhack
Orlando Arts Magazine, November 2009

The work Untitled by painter Kristopher Benedict recently became the 42nd piece of work donated to the Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) in appreciation of the OMA's Acquisition Trust.  Benedict says he was inspired after he saw someone who looked exactly like a friend who had died of  drug overdose, either intentional or not.

"It was a strange encounter, it gave me an uncanny feeling which led to the ideas of death, rebirth, escape and loss," says Benedict, who describes his paintings as "a dance between one impulse and another."

Untitled was part of a series of 20 paintings called Fake Your Death in which he explores the above themes.  He says of Untitled that, "negative aspects, such as loss and confusion, are balanced with a sense of innocence."

Benedict speaks humbly about the gift of the painting.

"I think it's amazing the museum accepted the donation," he says.  "It's great for more emerging artists when a piece is given a haven, a great context.  I'm really grateful and I think it [OMA] is a good home for it."