Sue Scott Gallery

Art on the LES: Just Another Friday on Rivington Street

Ed Litvak
The Lo-Down, April 2012

Sometimes it seems as though the Lower East Side is one giant canvas; artists continue to find the neighborhood’s streets alluring. On Friday, photographer Tim Schreier encountered three different artists creating works along a one block stretch of Rivington Street off the Bowery.  Tim shared some of his images — documenting this springtime burst of creativity.

First up, “Army of One” creator Jef Campion, whose anti-war works are inspired by Diane Arbus’ “Give Peace a Chance” and “Boy with a Grenade.”  Campion asks that anyone stealing his art make a contribution to the Ronald McDonald House, a cause that’s close to his heart.  The woamn pictured with Campion is Joana Colonna.
Also on Rivington Street Friday was Carl Paoli, whose works have been on display at New York and Los Angeles galleries and is, perhaps, better known as a stunt man.

Finally, the very accomplished artist Pat Steir was continuing her series, “the Nearly Endless Line” for the Sue Scott Gallery. She was being interviewed by Robin Cembalest of “Art News.”

Just an average day on the Lower East Side…

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